yacom_SMC7904WBRA_modemThis modem was provided by YA.COM  and it’s a basic ADSL2/2+ modem with 4 LAN ports, 54Mbps (802.11g) wireless, basic firewall etc.

Manual can be found on SMC website.

How to access modem

Attach an Ethernet cable from one of the numbered Ethernet ports on the router to the Ethernet port on your computer.

Open your Internet browser and enter “” in the address bar. Press “Enter.”

Enter the user name and password for the router.

Username: admin (or smcadmin)
Password: admin (or password)

Internet setup

You can use the Setup Wizard to setup your internet connection or the manual configuration

>> Setup wizard

Configuration depends of your internet provider and you must have the necessary information to be able to use this modem. (More info: Configuration data of Spanish broadband providers)

  1. Click “Setup Wizard”
  2. Click “next”
  3. Apply the needed information

What you need to know is:

  • Modulation mode of ADSL (usually automatic)
  • Connection protocol (Dynamic IP, Static IP, PPPoE, PPPoA)
  • Encapsulation (VC-MUX, LLC)
  • Username and password (usually only within PPPoE and PPPoA connections)


  1. Click next
  2. Confirm the information you have added and click “Finish”


Modem saves the configuration and reboots. This takes around minute.

Another way to configurate internet connection of the modem


You can choose here which gateway ATM PVC you want to modify.

Click the description and you get to the ATM interface

You can do your changes and save them by clicking “save settings”



Wireless network setup

>> Wireless settings

You can enable or disable your wireless from here.

On Channel and SSID page you can define a name and channel for your wireless connection. This modem permits the use of 2 simultaneous wireless networks but it is not necessary.


Confirm the changes by clicking “Apply”.

Wireless security

  • Security should be at least WPA (preferably WPA2). DO NOT use WEP!
  • WPA-TYPE should be PSK (pre-shared key) string (if not selected).
  • Select pre-shared key and Passphrase
  • PSK String is your password for the wireless network. It should have at least 8 letters or numbers combined.


Configuration Tools

>> Tools – Configuration Tools

You can restore router to factory defaults on this page.

In case you have spent time and made various configurations on your modem (port forwards etc.) it is recommended to back up the router configuration.

Backup router configuration saves a file backup.bin to your pc. You can the restore the file (backup.bin) to the router.

On rear panel of the device is reset button and pressing that 10 secondes will restore the default factory settings.



>> Tools > Reboot

Sometimes the device stops working and then the only possibility is to reboot the device and this can be done here. Reboot can be made also unpluggin and plugging power cord.

Reboot will not change any settings.




ADSL -> Status

This page displays ADSL status and here you can see ADSL line speed (Upstream / Downstream) and also noise margin and attenuation.


Connection and modem status

There’s also another Status-page that shows connectivity and modem status.


Security Log views any attempts that have been made to gain access to your network. It also tells if there are any problems with the connection. For example here connection username and/or password are not correct.


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