This is basic modem-router from TP-LINK but it’s quite reliable and there’s a possibility to screw off the antenna and replace it with a bigger one (more wireless coverage) which is not possible on modems provided by most Spanish internet operators.

More information on TP-LINK website

How to access the device

Attach an ethernet cable from one of the yellow ethernet ports on the router to the ethernet port on your computer.


Open your Internet browser and enter “” in the address bar. Press “Enter.”

Username: admin
Password: admin

Setting up your internet connection

It’s possible to use “Quick start” when setting up your modem but I prefer to use manual configuration as there are more options.

Interface Setup -> Internet

Configuration depends of your internet provider and you must have the necessary information to configurate modem correctly. (More help here: Configuration data of Spanish broadband providers)

What you need to know is:

  • Modulation mode of ADSL (usually automatic)
  • Connection protocol (Dynamic IP, Static IP, PPPoE, PPPoA)
  • Encapsulation (VC-MUX, LLC)
  • Username and password (usually only within PPPoE and PPPoA connections)

In case the connection protocol is PPPoE or PPPoA (Movistar, Jazztel e.g.) you must also fill username and password provided by your internet operator. Dynamic (Orange) is easier.


Setting up Wireless network

Interface Setup -> Wireless

This is quite straight forward and easily made. First choose your country and the channel wireless will be using (or you can leave it on “Auto”).

Set up name of your wireless network (SSID) and the encryption.

  • Authentication Type should be at least WPA (preferably WPA2). DO NOT use WEP!
  • Encryption TKIP/AES or TKIP or AES.
  • Pre-Shared Key is your password for the wireless network. It should have at least 8 letters or numbers combined.


Change the default password

Maintenance -> Administration

Fill in new password and click “Save” and then log in again.


Status -> Device Info

On this page it’s possible see IP address (blurred) of the connection, modulation and how many Mbs your connection is (Data Rate (Downstream / Upstream)).


Rebooting or resetting the device

Maintenance -> SysRestars


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