How to access your router

Open your Internet browser and enter “” in the address bar. Press “Enter.”

Enter the user name and password for the router.

Username: admin (or 1234)
Password: admin (or 1234)

In case you haven’t changed these settings previously.

How to check your connection speed

From the modem you can see a theoretical speed of your connection. When you have an access to the modem on the Overview-page there is Internet Connection.

Amper Xavi 7968On Downstream Data Rate there should be some digits. Remember: ~ 10000000 is equal to 10 Mbit/s connection, ~ 6000000 is equal to 6 Mbit/s connection.

Same with Upstream Data Rate. And remember that with ADSL-lines upstream is always less than downstream.

Other ways to measure your connection speed

How to change the default password

On the left navigation panel click Admin and Change Password.

Enter new password twice and click Apply on the right bottom corner.

How to change the wireless security and password (optional)

On the left side navigation panel click Configuration and then Wireless Network and you will be able to configurate your wireless options.

On Select Security Option you should select either

  • Wi-Fi Protected Access or 
  • Wi-Fi Protected Access2

(Some older network cards don’t support WPA2 encryption.  If you can no longer connect to your modem after setting it to WPA2, use WPA instead.)

WPA Pass Phrase – Add your wireless password here (Remember to use at least 8 digits, preferrably numbers and letters mixed).

Finally click Confirm on the right bottom corner.

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