On this page you can find Spanish local internet providers. Most of them are smaller companies and only operate in certain areas. All are offering internet and telephone services and some have TV services (UK, Nordic etc TV).

We have added some companies that work in Costa del Sol but there lots of similar companies around Spain. If you don’t find yours please let us know about it filling the form below. Thanks.

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Local internet provider map

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Vozplus: 36.544471, -4.642299
Wikiker Broadband: 36.492594, -4.714658
Y-Internet: 36.489028, -4.728284
Wifi Costa del Sol: 36.510071, -4.882447
Mercury Internet: 36.497321, -4.784718
Mobile Wifi Spain: 36.744977, -3.878077
Wifi to Go: 39.598478, 2.667854
Wifivox: 41.382749, 2.181851
San Pedro Wifi: 37.832695, -0.786566
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Tel: (+34) 951 00 11 00 / (+34) 951 250 900
Email: info@vozplus.com
Www: www.vozplus.com

Calle Antonio Machado 12, 29651 Fuengirola, Málaga
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Wikiker Broadband
Tel: (+34) 951 233 900
Email: info@wikiker.com
Www: www.wikiker.com

Centro comercial Los Olivos, Local 2, Mijas-Costa 29649, Málaga
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Tel: (+34) 952 932 266
Email: Info@Y-Internet.com
Www: www.y-internet.com

Local No 11, Centro Commercial El Campanario, Avda de Espana Calahonda, 29649 Mijas Costa, Malaga
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Wifi Costa del Sol
Tel: (+34) 645 073 240
Email: info@wificostadelsol.com
Www: www.wificostadelsol.com

Marbella, Spain
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Mercury Internet
Tel: (+34) 951  055  800
Email: -
Www: www.mercuryinternet.com

Avenida de las Cumbres, Cerrado de Elviria, Marbella, Málaga
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Mobile Wifi Spain
Tel: (+34) 951 204 264
Email: info@mobilewifispain.com
Www: www.mobilewifispain.com

Calle el Barrio 11, 29780 Nerja, Málaga
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Wifi to Go
Tel: (+34) 971 109 200
Email: info@wifi2go.travel
Www: www.wifi2go.travel

Carrer Gremi Teixidors, 11, 07009 Palma, Spain
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Tel: (+34) 937 370 055
Email: hola@wifivox.com
Www: www.wifivox.com

Carrer dels Agullers, 18, 08003 Barcelona, Spain
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San Pedro Wifi
Tel: (+34) 965 060 692
Email: sales@sanpedrowifi.com
Www: www.sanpedrowifi.com

San Pedro del Pinatar, 30740 Murcia, Spain


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