Ensure wireless is activated on your computer and on your modem.

While setting up your computer for the wireless network, you will be asked to supply your:

Network Name (SSID)
Security Key (Clave)

These are printed on the label underneath the modem as highlighted below. Copy these on to a piece of paper.

1) Click on the Wireless Network Connection icon at the bottom-right hand corner of the screen

If you cannot find the Wireless Network Connection, it is possible that Wireless is not turned on or built-in on your computer; please consult your vendor.

2) Double-click the Network Name (SSID) you have written down earlier

Click Connect

3) Type in the Security Key in Upper case and click OK (This is the Network Key you have written down earlier)

Open your Web Browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome) to check your internet connection. If you can browse the internet, you have been successfully connected to the secure wireless network.


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