In Spain the broadband operators provide you with a modem router. So you don’t have to buy your own router. Router is included in the monthly costs of your broadband access.

Basicly every operator has their own configuration on their lines and in their router-modems. So, if you want to use a Movistar modem in a Jazztel line it won’t work unless you change configuration of the modem.

Unfortunately Spanish internet providers rarely send a technician to your house to install your connections but you will receive devices on a courier service and then the installation process is a problem of the client. In this case Movistar is an exception because they provide also installation services.

It is not not very difficult to install the modem and connect your computers to the modem via Wifi. Read more about setting your wireless connection.

How to setup your modem

The physical setup of a ADSL connection is pretty simple. 3 cords will connect to the DSL modem.

Telephone Line – The phoneline needs to be hooked directly to the DSL modem. The port on the back of the modem to connect to is usually labelled ‘Line’ or ‘DSL Line’. There should be no filters between the DSL line and the modem.

Ethernet – An ethernet cable (blue) will connect from the modem to the computer. This cable will resemble a telephone cord, but the jack is slightly wider.

Power (not shown in diagram) – The modem will need to be plugged into AC power with the cord provided for that.

Remember that there will need to be phone line filters connected to every device in the house using the phoneline. All telephones, faxes etc will need a filter.

Other possible operations you might want to do:

  • Change the default password of your modem
  • Change the wireless security and password
  • Check your line speed via modem
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