All Spanish internet providers will provide a modem-router to be used with your connection. In case you want to use your own modem-router, you must set up modem according configuration data of your broadband provider.

Usually username and password are provided by the internet provider and if you don’t have them you must contact your service provider for more information.

Conn.type: Dynamic or static IP
Protocol: PPPoA, PPPoE, RCF 1483 (static IP) or MAC Encapsulation Routing (MER)
VPI/VCI: These figures must be correctly, otherwise connection will not work.
Encapsulation mode: VC-MUX or LLC
Username and password: Provided by your internet operator
DNS: Usually no need for these because modem receives DNS-addresses automatically.

Provider Conn. type Protocol VPI/VCI Encapsulation Mode Username Password DNS
Jazztel Dynamic PPPoA 8/35 VC-MUX username password
Jazztel Dynamic PPPoE 8/35 LLC-BRIDGING username@adsl password
Jazztel Static PPPoE 8/35 LLC-BRIDGING username@adslip password
Movistar Dynamic PPPoE 8/32 LLC/SNAP adslppp@telefonicanetpa adslppp
Movistar Static RFC 1483 8/32 LLC/SNAP
Orange Dynamic PPPoA 8/35 VC-MUX username password
Orange Dynamic PPPoE 8/35 LLC-BRIDGING username@orangeadsl password
Orange Static RFC 1483 8/32 LLC/SNAP
Vodafone Dynamic PPPoE 0/33 LLC/SNAP username@vodafone password
Vodafone Dynamic MAC Encapsulation Routing 0/44 LLC-BRIDGING Dynamic PPPoE 8/32 LLC/SNAP ad + tel. number@yacomadsl password Dynamic MAC Encapsulation Routing 8/32 LLC-BRIDGING Static RFC 1483 8/32 LLC/SNAP

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