In case you want to order additional services, make a complaint of your slow internet connection or terminate your contract with your provider you have to call the customer service.

In Spain one can basically order an internet access just walking into any office or dealer shop or make a contract on a website but when there are problems, and usually at some point there are, the only solution is to call customer service of your internet connection provider.

Although you would visit the very same shop you bought the connection from, they probably won’t be able to help you. They only provide the customer service number and wish you a good luck. And this, unfortunately, is how “after-sale” is conducted in most cases.

Customer services are mostly in Spanish but for example, Movistar provides service also in English and in German among other languages.

When calling customer service it is a good idea to gather up all the information concerning the service contracted for example:

  • telephone number of the line
  • subscription information
    • name
    • address
    • NIE / NIF / passport number
  • bank account number

This information is usually asked by the customer service.

Contact information


Customer service: 1565 (free when calling from landline or Jazztel mobile) or 902 946 946 (charged when calling from other mobiles)
Monday to Friday 8am to 12pm and Saturday 9am to 9pm.
Technical support: Monday to Sunday 07am to 1am
Fax: 911 513 881 or 900 807 025


Customer service: 1004 (free when calling from any landline or mobile, open 24/7)
Customer service: +34 699 991 004 (when contacting customer service outside Spain)
Technical support: 1002
Companies: 900 10 10 10

Information about your Movistar line: 900 502 010


Customer service and technical support:
1590 (free)
902 929 000 and 902 500 060

Orange España

Customer service: 1470 (free)

Customer service in English, French and German
900 906 121
(free) / 695 911 900 (checked 14.9.2015).
Time: Mon to Sat from 9:00 to 22:00
Price:  0,15c /call (call setup fee) 0,48 € / min
Nearest store with English speaking staff:


Customer service: 123 (free when calling from Vodafone mobile) or 607 123 000 (charged when calling from other mobiles)
Technical support: 22 155
Companies: 122 (free when calling from Vodafone mobile)
Fax: (+34) 607 131 857
Www: is part of Orange España.

Customer service and technical support: 900 902 222 (free when calling from any landline or Orange mobile) or 902 902 902 (charged when calling from other mobiles)

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