Broadband providers

In Spain, there are several broadband access providers such as Jazztel, Orange, Movistar, Vodafone, Competition among the providers is fierce, so prices fluctuate almost monthly and special offers as well as a number of options.

Basic connection speed is usually around 6Mbit/s which is usually enough for basic use (surfing in the net, sending/receiving emails etc). Monthly fee ranges approximately around 25 – 45 eur depending of the provider.

Slower or faster connections are also available but to get a 12 Mbit/s connection means one basically has to live in the city center and not in the country side.

In Spain one must have an analogic telephone line to be able to have a broadband line. At the moment this is the situation and apparently there will not be change in this matter in the near future.

In addition, a local bank account is needed. Monthly charges will take place by direct debit. To proceed with the order one must have a NIE number, which is a Spanish social security number. Most providers allow subscription with passport number.

For the broadband access you need:

  • a working telephone line
  • a local bank account
  • NIE-number or passport

Internet access subscription is done visiting providers office, calling customer service operator or ordering directly on provider’s website if internet access is available. What is important to know that when ordering the service via calling customer service one is not always guaranteed to have a written agreement. Therefore it is more secure to visit a local office or make an order through the providers website.

It is also worth noting that almost all internet operators require a minimum period of 12 months contract. If the contract is terminated earlier internet provider could charge for the remaining monthly payments. This practice is somewhat variable.

At the moment, Movistar and Jazztel are only providers with whom it is possible to temporarily suspend  the internet access for example during the summer months.


Broadband costs vary around 25 euros 40 euros per month. Connection speed, any additional services and location affect the monthly costs. It is good to know that the fastest (20 Mbit) connections cannot be delivered everywhere.

The total monthly cost includes the telephone line which is usually around 15-20 euros per month. Therefore a working broadband connection (with the telephone line) might be around 40-70 euros per month.

Delivery time and installation of broadband access

Delivery time is an average of 2-4 weeks. Sometimes the providers are able to deliver the service faster. In case of Movistar the delivery time could be as fast as few days but when broadband access has been ordered by another provider than Movistar, the delivery time is usually few weeks.

The delivery and installation is in two stages:

Movistar will install the telephone line if there is no line already available. After this is done the internet provider will activate the broadband line and sent the modem-router to the address of the installation.

The equipment is usually supplied via the courier service (SEUR, Celeris, etc.) and it is delivered personally to the subscriber.

Broadband modems and hardware

Broadband modem is usually a “free gift” and there is no charge for the equipment. Routers are usually wireless models.

Some operators charge a wireless router such as the acquisition of compensation, and this should also be taken into account when comparing different options.

The sun is not always shining

Sometimes there are problems with the telephone and internet lines and the service just doesn’t work. Then the only solution is to contact the internet provider’s customer service. Customer services are mostly in Spanish but for example, Movistar provides service also in English and in German among other languages.

When calling customer service it is a good idea to gather up all the information concerning the service contracted (telephone number of the line, subscription information (name, address, NIE-number, passport number)) because this information is usually asked by the customer service.

Movistar and other operators usually fix problems 24-48 hours after the claim report. Sometimes this could take even longer.

Customer service and contact details

Termination of your contract

Termination of your internet access is usually done in writing, either by sending a notice by mail or by fax.

Internet providers usually require a minimum 12 month contract duration before one can terminate the contract. However, if the contract is terminated before that time the provider may charge the remaining months or a separate “penalty charge”. This method usually varies.

How to terminate your contract

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