In Spain, there are several broadband access providers such as Jazztel, Orange, Movistar, Vodafone,  YA.COM. Competition among the providers is fierce, so prices fluctuate almost monthly and special offers as well as a number of options.

Basic connection speed is usually around 6Mbit/s which is usually enough for basic use (surfing in the net, sending/receiving emails etc). Monthly fee ranges approximately around 25 – 45 eur depending of the provider.

Slower or faster connections are also available but to get a 12 Mbit/s connection means one basically has to live in the city center and not in the country side.

In Spain one must have an analogic telephone line to be able to have a broadband line. At the moment this is the situation and apparently there will not be change in this matter in the near future.

In addition, a local bank account is needed. Monthly charges will take place by direct debit. To proceed with the order one must have a NIE number, which is a Spanish social security number. Most providers allow subscription with passport number.

For the broadband access you need:

  • a working telephone line
  • a local bank account
  • NIE-number or passport

Internet access subscription is done by visiting provider’s local dealer, calling customer service or ordering directly on provider’s website if internet access is available. What is important to know that when ordering some service by calling customer service one is not always guaranteed to have a written agreement. Therefore it is more secure to visit a local dealer or order through the provider’s website.

More about the providers:




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