spainAs you’ve noticed I haven’t updated this site since last spring. My excuse for this is lack of time and because I’m concerning this site more as a hobby than actual “work” this is the result. However, according to Google statistics there has been a small increase in number of visitors on this site. I actually thought the amount of visitors is in decline but this is not the case.

We receive LOTS of questions like “my connection/phone/payment is not working, can you fix it?”. Unfortunately we cannot. We don’t offer any customer service and we don’t work closely with any of the Spanish providers so it’s impossible for us to offer this kind of service.

What if we would receive payment for offering some kind of customer service? Well, I have considered this but there will be people are not willing to pay, who think they are communicating directly with Movistar representative (which is not the case) and expect us to solve everything free.

And the most important thing is because we don’t have any special cooperation with any of the Spanish providers we cannot guarantee that everything goes smoothly. Of course there are exceptions but if one calls Movistar customer service 3 times and asks the same question every time, he/she might get 5 different responses.

Anyways, I was wondering what kind of information visitors of this site would like get? Information about different connections (fiber, xDSL, mobile broadband) in Spain, price information, how-to-do-this-or-that-thing-articles, device/connection reviews, etc..

Please, let us know on comments.


Someone asked why there’s no “ADSL in Spain” in Facebook. Actually, the page is reserved but not activated as I don’t see any point publishing a Facebook profile that publishes something every few months. Hopefully this will change in the near future.

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