Orange was in 2014 the telecommunication company with most complaints from FACUA Customers. For the first time, the French multinational company leads the ranking, passing Vodafone that in recent years has been occupying the first position.

The annual review of FACUA shows that the telecommunications industry remains the most reported by consumers, with over a third of all complaints (37.6%), followed by banks (17.4%) and energy (10.7%).

Over the past year, 27% of all complaints by FACUA customers who required assistance with their problems against telecommunication companies were targeted against Orange España. Orange exceeded Vodafone by minimum margin, as Vodafone reached the second position with 26% of all the complaints.

The third place was shared by Jazztel and Movistar, both with 16% and Ono with 10%.

The most reported complaints and frauds

Main reasons for most complaints are according to Facua:

  • the false promises of the commercials selling connections and services
  • unsolicited services
  • charging of services that have been already terminated
  • unfair penalties of void contracts
  • costs of the calls that have not been established
  • delays in delivery time of services

FACUA claims that the passivity of the ministries responsible for consumer protection and telecommunications and the regional authorities are the reason why customers are suffering as there is no sufficient control and sanctions against these companies.

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