You might want to print your invoice and see what you were charged for during the last month or see all the details of the phone calls you made last month.

Jazztel, among other internet providers does not send monthly incoives, unless you request for it,  to your home address but one must access Jazztel client pages and download invoices from there.

Here’s how:

First you need a user name and password that might be already activated when you ordered your connection. If you know your user id (email address) and password then just log in on:

Fill in your email address and password (Contraseña) and click “Entrar”.



On the left side click “Mis Facturas” and then “Cuentas y facturas“. On “Facturas-column click “Consultar“.



You’ll see the amount of your latest invoices in “Total Factura” column and when you click on PDF-icon you’ll be able to download and see the details of your invoices.


You’ll need and PDF reader to open the files but you can download one from Foxit Software (Foxit Reader) or from Adobe (Adobe Reader).

My Jazztel user id and password are lost

Sometimes this happens but you can easily restore your user id and password.

Your user id is your email address but if you are unsure whether Jazztel has the right one or if it’s spelled correctly you can modify it and set the correct one.

On Log in-page click “Has olvidado el email con el que te registraste“.


You’ll be redirected to a page where you have to fill in your identification number (DNI, NIE, Passport or CIF) and last 4 digits of your current bank account number.

If you click “Recordar“, the email address that is linked to your account will be shown to you or in case you want to modify it, and set a new one, click “Modificar Usuario” and fill in your email address on fields below.


If you don’t know or remember your password then click “Has olvidado tu contraseña” and fill in your email address and new password will be sent to you.


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