VodafoneThe company has been studying for several months the best way to enter the market of fiber connections for households and it plans to launch its services of 100/10 Mb fiber connections in thirteen cities.

These cities are: Alicante, Alcorcon, Barcelona, Badalona, Cordoba, Hospitalet de Llobrega , Madrid, Málaga, Seville, Valencia, Valladolid, Vigo and Zaragoza.  Cities have been chosen based on customer criteria and usage of internet.

Vodafone has announced that the product (FTTH ) will be launched next April. Speed of the Vodafone service (100/10Mb) is the same as Movistar and Orange are offering. Jazztel  will offer 200 Mb.

At the moment, the price is still unknown but it is expected to be cheaper what other providers can offer to give customers a reason to change from their current provider. Another reason to consider is the guaranteed speed that in Vodafone case will be 100%.

More information (in Spanish): http://www.vodafone.es/conocenos/es/fibra/

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