There are likely thousands of stories related to Spanish broadband providers, installations, technicians, customer service and so on and we’d like to hear yours.

We have been working with Spanish broadband providers and connections for almost 10 years and we have quite a good collection of bad and good stories how things have worked or how things should have worked. Here are few:

You have to buy a new cable before we can proceed

First one that comes to mind was with YA.Com connection that wasn’t working. ADSL line was disconnected for some reason and customer service was the place to call. They wanted us to realize some basic tests like turning off the modem, turning off the computer etc.

photoAfter these tests the connection was still down and the person asked to confirm that cables were ok. Cables were checked and they were connected correctly. Still no ADSL connection.

Guy asked if we had a spare phone cable to test, if the original was for some reason broken. Unfortunately our rescue kit had run out of spare phone cables and we couldn’t test with another cable.

The customer service person suggested that to perform the tests correctly we must go and buy another cable.

There was no other way. A new phone cable must be tested before any official claim can be done. And if you don’t have it, go and buy one! Yeah, thanks for the great support.

At the end, the problem wasn’t the faulty cable but some incident in Telefonicas system.

ADSL connection works but in another address

We purchased an ADSL connection from for one client and everything went fine until they sent the modem and it was ready to be installed.

The ADSL-line was not activated although landline was ok so we had to contact the customer service. They did their tests and concluded that there was something wrong with the line and they would send a technician to work out the problem.

yacom-logoAt the time provided static IP-addresses for all clients. Static IP-address is related to a certain broadband line and the IP address stays the same.

Every device that is connected to any kind of network needs an IP-address. That’s how data finds its way between different devices. Every ADSL connection also has an IP address. Usually they are dynamic (IP address changes time to time) but in some cases you can have or purchase a static IP address.

Well, we had another client with Movistar ADSL who lived around 1 kilometer away. She called us and complained that suddenly her connection wasn’t working.

We found out that the broadband connection she was having wasn’t anymore from Movistar but from YA.Com although she hadn’t cancelled or purchased any new service.

After few calls and checkings it was clear the recent YA.Com ADSL connection was actually working but in different address where it was ordered to.

Our YA.Com client received a welcome letter with modem configuration settings that included a static IP address and this IP address matched the IP address of the connection of the another client.

So, ADSL-lines had been switched in phone central between these two different addresses. Now the problem was to explain and solve this with YA.Com customer service. Not as easy as it sounds.

Different lines have different numbers so we just reported that the ADSL line that was connected to thisandthis number should be connected to thisandthis number.

This proved to be complicated for them to handle and we called at least 10-15 times, explaining the same thing again and again, during the few week process our client was allowing to wait.

YA.Com customer support really tried to fix it but it seems the actual problem was that they didn’t believe that we (the customer) knew the reason and they did not. They called back us also 10-15 times saying that they have done some configurations and now everything should work, which it never did.

Of course this was just a coincidence that the lady with Movistar connection was also our client. Unfortunately although the problem was located, the repair never happened and YA.Com client cancelled his order after one month.

We’re sure you have also some story bad, ugly, funny, whatever. Please share it with us on comments below?

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