Cheaper price, faster and more reliable connections, better customer service and so on. Few things to consider why to change your current broadband provider. There are however, few things to remember.

More economic prices for new clients

All internet providers have good offers for new customers with competitive prices. This usually means that long-term and so called loyal customers pay more than new ones. So, if you have had the same operator for a long time maybe it’s time to check what others have to offer.

At the moment there are not much price differences between different providers. A few years ago Movistar was the most expensive operator with a whopping 70 euros per month for an ADSL and a landline.

Now operators offer reduced prices for a certain period that usually is 6 to 12 months or until the end of year. After this period is concluded the monthly price will be higher. So remember to check for how long you will enjoy a reduced price before making any decisions.

One could save up to 50 – 120 euros for a year if changing the provider.

No need to terminate the current contract

Your new ADSL provider will cancel the current contract with your actual provider so there’s no need to terminate the contract yourself. However, if you’ve signed a contract for 12 months or for even a longer time (contrato con permanencia) there might be some penalty fee to pay for canceling or changing the connection before the contract ends.

All providers do not require contracts for 12 months or for a longer time.

Faster connection or is it

If you are getting a 3 Mb connection and paying for a 20 Mb line, changing the internet provider might help to receive a faster connection. This, however, is not a guaranteed method.

It is recommended to browse providers’ websites or visit provider’s local store and ask how fast connection can be delivered to a certain location. Unfortunately, sometimes customer service or sales person don’t necessarily know the actual situation and might give information that is not correct.

The rule used to be (and still is in some cases) that if Movistar cannot guarantee a working ADSL-line to certain location, it is impossible get faster or an ADSL connection at all from any other provider.

Movistar is the ex-monopoly company that maintains and operates the whole infrastructure of phone communication systems in Spain. Therefore if they cannot provide an ADSL line certainly there will be problems with other providers as well.

So, if you’re planning to transfer a Movistar line into some other operators’ line because your current connection is too slow, beware that there might not be any improvement in connection speed.

Landline number stays the same

ADSL connection is always accompanied with a landline and it is not even possible to get an ADSL connection without landline.

When changing companies your landline number stays same whether you use it or not.

Operators usually offer free calls from landline to any other landline number in Spain.

Few days without internet

When the actual change will happen, there usually is few days down time and it is not possible surf the web during this time. Sometimes there are problems and  delays could last even longer.

Jazztel, however, keeps your current connection working until the actual change is made and the time without the connection could be only hours.

If you’re a business owner and need a constant internet access this is something you need to know.


  • Confirm before making any changes if there’s any “permanent time” clause in your current contract
  • The reduced monthly price lasts for certain period, after that the monthly fee will rise
  • Do not blindly trust customer service or the salesperson when they promise the fastest line ever (their job is to sell and when the contract is signed it’s not their problem anymore if you don’t get what you signed for)
  • There probably is a down time that could last days, consider a pre-paid dongle if you must use internet constantly
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