The 6th annual survey conducted by FACUA (Consumers in action) about the quality of the mobile telecommunications companies, has revealed that Vodafone is one of the worst among all mobile operators.

What is more alarming is that only 2% of respondents believe that authorities protect the rights of the consumers against the possible abuse and fraud of mobile providers. 65% of the respondents say they don’t feel protected at all and 34% believes that the legal protection is minimal.

In addition, almost half (47%) of participants of the survey have reported that their mobile operator has charged additional fees of services they never have contracted.

43% have complained about customer service problems in the past six months and more than half (51%) haven’t received a satisfactory answer or a solution and 27% have not received any kind of respond of their complaint.

FACUA survey was concluded during September-December of 2012 and received around 7000 responses.


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