An average household spending on telecommunications has been reduced by up to 14.3% last year, according to a report by Comisión del Mercado de Telecomunicaciones (CMT), the Spanish Commission of Telecommunications.

Report measures expenses during the second quarter of 2012 of different homes that have phone and mobile lines with broadband connection and a pay TV.

The average telecommunication cost per household is 60.3 euros per month, representing a drop of more than 5% compared to last year. Households with mobile, fixed line and broadband connection are the most affected ones, with a decline of 14.3%.

The CMT has indicated that this decrease is primarily due to reduced spending on mobile services, which is not associated with declines in consumption.

In particular, spending on mobile services fell last year up to 25.4%.

According to recent statistics, a one third of Spanish households have fixed and mobile phone lines with broadband connection. During the first quarter of 2012 more than six out of ten households have broadband connection and more than two out of ten a mobile broadband connection.

When compared with data of 2006, six years ago only half of the households were having telephone services (fixed line and mobile).

Senior citizens have only fixed telephone line

Most of households without a broadband connection are those of senior citizens who only have a fixed telephone line: 83.9% of households with only a telephone line are senior citizens over 65 years.

Similar effect can be seen with households that have ‘no children at home’. Virtually all households with only landline have no younger people living in.

In terms of social class, middle class homes and high class are those that employ a greater number of services, according to the report.

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