One of the longest-standing brands of broadband in Spain quits after 13 years on the market, after going through three different owners. has announced it will stop providing ADSL services as an independent operator.

Yacom was founded in 1999 by Jazztel, when Martin Varsavsky was in charge of the operator. In 2000 was acquired by Deutsche Telekom for an amount of 550 million euros. Under the umbrella of the German telephone, Yacom came to market its own pay-TV, with TV Yacom. Orange acquired from Deutsche Telekom in 2007, for around EUR 320 million. became the low cost brand for Orange ADSL, but was gradually losing ground because the 20 megs Orange removed in the summer of 2010.

Since then only offered one service, Yacom Total 10 Mb, which for a time was the cheapest ADSL on the market. Orange España has confirmed that are being discontinued, although existing customers will continue to receive Orange’s services under same conditions.


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