Vodafone España didn’t stay silent for a long time and will present its alternative to Movistar Fusion. The spanish provider will release a similar All-In-One-packet including mobile connection and fixed telephone line with an ADSL connection. Price is similar to its competitors 50 euros / month.

After Movistar launched its new AIO-packet, Vodafone responded with negative manner and threatened Movistar with a possible appeal to Brussels but now it seems the company has changed its strategy and follows Movistar with similar offer.

Vodafone’s Todo en Uno-packet offers more flexibility than Movistar Fusion. For example, one can choose the mobile packet (@XS or @L) that fits monthly usage.

If you tend to use less your mobile phone @XS includes 150 minutes and 150MB of data with a 40 euros (+ VAT 21%) monthly fee, you could pay a less than with Movistar Fusion (49.90 euros / month (+ VAT 21%).

The other @L packet includes calls for 750 minutes and 750MB of data with unlimited SMS’s. This one offers more minutes but less data than Movistar Fusion (500 min mobile call minutes, 1 GB mobile data). The price in both is the same, around 50 euros (+ VAT 21%) a month.

According to information Vodafone has released, the new Todo en Uno is available for all Vodafone customers whether one has an ADSL or just a mobile contract or both. It seems operator will maintain this promotion until November 15 and after that we have to see if it continues.

What is not yet known is if there’s any permanency time on this packet or if it’s possible to attach more than one mobile line on the same packet (20 euros per line with Movistar Fusion). Hopefully Vodafone will publish more information soon.

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Vodafone to release All-In-One-packet as a response to Movistar Fusion, 6.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings