Orange has launched a new “Invita y Ahorra”-campaign that offers savings up to 250 euros when recruiting new clients for the broadband provider.

For every new client an existing Orange client can receive a 50 euros discount (max. 5 customers) and if one is fast enough, there is a possibility to receive a 150 euro bonus. This actually means that Orange is offering this bonus for 200 fastest recruiters who achieve 3 new customers between October and December.

As a welcome gift new customers will also receive some benefits:

  • free calls to any Spanish landlines
  • a free modem-router
  • 5 favorite numbers with reduced prices
  • discount on monthly bill

Actually these “benefits” would be included in most of the ADSL packages anyway excluding the discount on monthly bill.

Orange is not the only broadband company using its customers to recruit more clients. Jazztel has a similar (Plan Amigo Jazztel) campaign where one can “win” tablets or smartphones and receive similar discounts on monthly fees.

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