The Spanish telecommunication company has launched its latest product “Movistar Fusion“ in start of October . Fusion includes a fixed line, mobile line and an internet connection in same packet. Monthly cost is only 49 eur + VAT 21% (around 60 euros).

“We want to simplify things and are now responding for the demand of our clients” confirms Luis Miguel Gilpérez, president of Telefónica España. According to studies and customer feedback Movistar has received, approximately 8 out of 10 Movistar customers considered critical to have all communications from the same operator.

Movistar Fusion includes a fixed phone line, 10 Mbits ADSL, mobile connection with 500 minutes of calls and 1 GB data for browsing.

In addition, there is another option: Movistar Fusion Fibra. This includes the same as above but with fiber connection instead of ADSL for 59.90 euros plus VAT (21%) per month (total 72,48 eur).

For customers interested in having Movistar TV within the packet the company has two options: Movistar Fusion TV and Movistar Fusion TV Fibra.

Both packages will offer more than 70 channels including La Liga and Champions League-games. The price of the first option will be 79.9 euros plus VAT (21%) per month and the second will be 89.9 euros plus VAT (21%) per month.

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Movistar offers all-in-one packet for 60 euros per month, 7.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings