Economic crisis, rise in IVA, cuts in wages and so on.. The situation is complicated and it’s causing more and more difficulties to make to the end of month. Our purchasing power is lower and therefore we intend to save as much as possible. News like Movistar gave about new reductions in their ADSL-rates, are very welcome.

The operator announced last week a new ADSL offer, and not just for new customers, but also for the old. This new fee would add an annual savings of up to 132 euros, representing a discount of between 27% and 17%.

This type of price cutting strategies are common for a highly competitive market of mobile telephony, and offer more benefits for customers to have better services at lower prices. And that is a relief to the current situation.

The rate includes a starting fee, wireless router, its maintenance, free antivirus-program and all calls to any landline in Spain and 550 minutes of calls per month to any fixed-mobile operator. This service is offered for 29.90 euros per month. If the user is already a Movistar client he/she will pay 24.90 eur per month.

Moreover, the operator has also launched an offer for 24.90 euros per month, representing a 17% discount that includes a starting fee, the router and maintenance with free national calls to any landline. In this case, former customers will receive a reduced price of 19.90 euros per month.

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