Orange has launched a new offer on its range of internet connections that costs 9.95 euros (during first 12 months) plus the line fee (15,00 euros). Although we add 15 euros to be paid  for the landline, the total cost is less than 25 euros per month.

The company has followed Movistar and Ocean’s and launched this offer for more professional use. It’s called +Profesional Solo Datos and has the same features as companys standard 20 Mb ADSL connection .

The only differences from the conventional connection is that you cannot make phone calls through this line and the modem router is Huawei HG532C and not Livebox. During the first year, the price for the broadband access is 9.95 euros, and then rises to 15.95 eur (plus expenses of the landline).

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Orange launches 20 Mb line for 25 euros per month, 1.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings